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Conduct Code

  • - You are a nature guest – behave like that;
  • - Do not pluck out plants nor mistreat trees;
  • - Do not make noises that could avoid you from listening nature sounds – on it you can find the tranquillity that doesn’t exist at the cities;
  • - Do not do bonfires neither fires out of the places prepared for that – any slip-up could end with what took years to grow;
  • - Follow the indications on the signals or the guides advices;
  • - Do not leave trash or waste - do not leave bad memories of your visit;
  • - The natural areas existed long before your arrival – let everything as you found;
  • - Before you start each walk, always inform someone of which walking trail you will do and when you intend to arrive;
  • - Make sure you brought all the right equipment;
  • - Avoid going out of the official trail, do not use shortcuts;
  • - The observation, study, design and photography of nature are activities which do not harm nature - you can learn much more with her;
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